Welcome to MoonBird!
Bitcoin monetary policy, on a bird, to the moon🕊️
MoonBird combines yield farming with community driven charity in the best possible way.
It operates in the Binance Smart Chain network and it's created to be an everlasting DAO, that keeps a fine balance between all components needed to give to those in need, while earning at the same time!
We borrowed the tastiest aspects of Bitcoin's monetary policy 🤤:
  • 21,000,000 maximum supply
  • Halving every 210,000 blocks
And then, combine them with the finest sauce of perfectly balanced token economics.
You can mine MBIRD by staking MBIRD or by providing liquidity and staking MBIRD-BNB LP token!
5% tax is charged when: Buying MBIRD, withdraw or harvest MBIRD from staking pool, transfer MBIRD to another address.
Each time an MBIRD is taxed, 1% will be redistributed among holders (reflect), 1% will be burned, 2% will be added as liquidity, and 1% will go to the charity wallet.
If you are not a staking kind of person, you can simply hold it in your wallet to earn from the reflect fee!
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