Hyper deflationary governance token


We initially started with the launch of our MBIRD token which combined yield farming, charity, and meme tokenomics with some of bitcoin's most interesting monetary policies, such as 21M max supply and implementing emissions halving cycles. Since the emissions halvings have ended, the MBIRD token now operates as the governance token for the whole ecosystem. Governance will have a crucial role to play in this ecosystem as it'll determine things such as investment strategies, ecosystem additions, and charity donations. Its utility is not limited to only those things, community members will be able to propose anything.

Intergration with SmartBird

With the upcoming release of our SmartBird protocol, many positive effects will stem from it to benefit our ecosystem. It'll have a major effect on MBIRD and provide it with extra utility as it'll become a powerful governance token.

SmartBird will also use a % of treasury profits to perform consistent buyback and burns of our MBIRD token. This is set to make MBIRD hyper deflationary. There are multiple benefits that come from the buyback and burn for MBIRD

  • An Increase in buy pressure, which leads to a higher price value

  • Increase in Volume, which benefits the whole system via the 5% fee tax

  • Increase scarcity by burning more MBIRD

Once implement MBIRD will be the hyper deflationary governance token that gives your reflections.

Where can you buy MBIRD?

You are able to buy it in the BogSwap section of the dApp or in ApeSwap exchange directly.

Each time an MBIRD is taxed, 1% will be redistributed among holders (reflect), 1% will be burned, 2% will be added as liquidity, and 1% will go to the charity wallet.

Check out MBIRDs tokenomics to get a better understanding.

5% tax is charged when: Buying MBIRD, withdrawing or harvesting MBIRD from staking pool, transfer MBIRD to another address.

If you are not a staking kind of person, you can simply hold it in your wallet to earn from the reflect fee!

Check out the token economics below

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