Moonbird Finance

Staking MBIRD

There are three ways to mine MBIRD tokens: staking MBIRD, staking MBIRD-BNB LP or just by holding MBIRD
For all methods you will need to buy MBIRD first.
0 - Approve contract
Select the pool you’d like to use, press the "Enable" button and confirm in your wallet.

Staking MBIRD

1.Click on the “+” button.
2.Confirm how many tokens you would like to deposit, then confirm the transaction in your wallet.
3. Done! You are now staking MBIRD tokens and mining MBRID tokens :) You can "Mine" your tokens to your wallet at any time .


1.First you need to provide liquidity to receive the MBIRD-BNB LP tokens. Go to Apeswap's exchange page here and click “Add Liquidity”.
2.Select the tokens to add, in this case BNB and MBIRD. You need to provide them in a 50/50 ratio vs USD value.
For example, you would need to add $10 of BNB and $10 of MBIRD. Once you are done, click “Supply”.
3. Check the details, click “Confirm Supply” and then confirm the transaction in your wallet.