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Non-Fungible Moonbirds (NFMs)

The 'Non-Fungible Moonbirds' is a PVP collection made up of 8,888 hand-drawn birds, each has its own unique traits constructed by a possible 85 different character traits.
Each NFM is rated by a rarity score system based on the rarity levels of each trait.
Within the collection, there are 4 extremely special one-offs, we consider these the future “Apollo 11” of the birds, they are the rarest and have the best possibilities of reaching a place where no bird has been before... the moon!
Our NFMs are quite different compared to other NFT collections because the collection is backed by an index. This was possible via our partnership with Liquid Collectibles.

Sale Infomation

Our initial Moonbird NFT sale was hosted by Liquid Collectibles through a Dutch auction. The auction will be held for NFMi token (Non-Fungible Moonbird Index). The sale lasted 72 hours.
Once the sale is completed, you are able to redeem your NFMi tokens for an actual NFM at a rate of 100 NFMi = 1 NFM. NFMs collection will be revealed 72 hours after the completion of the sale.

What is a “Dutch Auction?”

Dutch Auctions are aimed at finding the true market value of a completely novel item. In this case, the price is set to a higher value per NFT than expected and descends over time, with the eventual price being settled once all tokens have been sold. Practically, this means participants individually decide at which point they’re happy with an NFT price and commit their funds. However, the auction continues until everyone is happy with the token price. Strategic Tip: Collectors should carefully balance waiting for a better price and getting in before the collection sells out. It is the fear of missing out that prevents the price from falling too low.

More about our 'Non-Fungible Moonbirds'