Non-Fungible Moonbird index (NFMi)

Our partnership with Liquid Collectibles offers us the possibility to create BEP-20 tokens that are backed by NFMs, enabling users to instantly buy and sell NFMs with no need to wait for a person on the other side. These tokens are called NFM Indexes (NFMi) and can be traded on ApeSwap same as any other BEP-20 token.

Once you have NFMi, you have multiple options to invest your tokens beyond redeeming them for an NFM.

You can: Farm: Stake NFMi + BNB to earn LICO (Liquid Collectibles native token) Swap: You can exchange all or a portion of your NFMi for any other token Hodl: You can hold your NFMi (as it goes to the moon) All of the above processes function on Liquid Collectibles' website

Don’t worry if you missed the sale, you have the option to stake LICO to earn NFMi or buy NFMi via ApeSwap.

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