Our DeFi 2.1 protocol

What is SmartBird?

Moonbird Finance is growing and soon we will launch ‘SmartBird’. Which we like to call our Defi 2.1 protocol, the evolution of reserve treasury-backed assets!
The core concept of SBIRD revolves around the creation of two treasuries (instead of the usual one)
1. Risk-Free Value (RFV) treasury: To help back the value of SBIRD, the APY, and the minting of new collateralized assets
2. VC/Yield farming treasury: Which’ll constantly explore new investment opportunities while compounding its gains into the Risk-Free Value Treasury consistently to increase the collateral behind SBIRD and its value over time.
SBIRD will also interact closing with our MBIRD token as a % of the treasury profits will buy back and burn MBIRD. Thus making it hyper deflationary. We are continuing to research other ways we can further integrate.
Our vision would be to create a positive feedback loop between all components in our ecosystem!