Moonbird Finance

Buyback and burn of MBIRD

With the upcoming release of our SmartBird protocol, many positive effects will stem from it to benefit our ecosystem. It'll have a major effect on MBIRD and provide it with extra utility as it'll become a powerful governance token.
SmartBird will also use a % of treasury profits to perform consistent buyback and burns of our MBIRD token. This is set to make MBIRD hyper deflationary. There are multiple benefits that come from the buyback and burn for MBIRD
  • An Increase in buy pressure, which leads to a higher price value
  • Increase in Volume, which benefits the whole system via the 5% fee tax
  • Increase scarcity by burning more MBIRD
Once implement MBIRD will be the hyper deflationary governance token that gives your reflections.
Our MBIRD token only needs to burn a minimum of 3,375 MBIRD tokens per day to be considered deflationary