Moonbird Finance


SmartBird actually has two treasuries that it interacts with. One is the Risk-Free Value (RFV), which is made from stable assets such as BUSD to create the backing value of SBIRD. This will be used to yield farm relatively safe options. We will most likely utilize ApeSwap's amazing farm options. The second treasury is a VC/Investment type. We consider this treasury to seek more lucrative investment opportunities. This might mean that it'll turn into a cross-chain treasury as we might look across multiple chains to find the best options. The community will be able to propose how we should allocate the VC treasury funds. This might be a new farm on AVAX, or 'VC type' investment into an upcoming project, or an investment into someone's favorite small-cap project. There are so many possibilities!
All investment proposals will be put vetted thoroughly by our due diligence team before being available for governance voting