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Moonbird Finance's documentation

What is Moonbird Finance?

Moonbird Finance is a DeFi ecosystem based on the BNB Chain (BSC). We are striving to become a sustainable everlasting DAO with a continuously growing ecosystem of new and innovative protocols. Within the ecosystem, we have the MoonBird token which acts as the governance token for the whole ecosystem, 'Non-Fungible Moonbirds' which is our PVP NFT collection, and soon we will introduce our defi 2.1 protocol 'SmartBird' into the ecosystem.

What is the aim of Moonbird Finance?

Our aim is to create a special ecosystem that finds a balance between MoonBird, SmartBird, and Non-Fungible Moonbirds in order to create a positive feedback loop between our products and in turn increase the amount we can contribute to those in need via charity initiatives.

How do I participate in Moonbird Finance?

Participating in Moonbird Finance is simple and rewarding. There are currently a few strategies for users of Moonbird Finance, which are staking or holding MBIRD, each has the benefit of attaining more MBIRD tokens. Since the MBIRDs emissions have reached the last stage it's probably more lucrative to just hold MBIRD in your wallet to receive reflections and also to participate in governance. Soon we will release our DeFi 2.1 protocol 'SmartBird' which will offer new ways to get involved in Moonbird Finance. Users will be able to buy, stake, and bond SBIRD tokens. Stakers will stake SBIRD tokens in return for more SBIRD tokens, while bonders provide LP in exchange for discounted SBIRD tokens after a fixed vesting period, meaning your tokens will be given to you over a linear timeframe.

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